Equine Park Hulsberg, Stal Bemelmans Hulsberg


  • Bemelmans Stables in Hulsberg, is nominated for the title Equestrian Entrepreneur 2013.

    Karin and Jos Bemelmans run together Bemelmans Stables, a dressage horse and stabling business. 
    Each year, three companies chosen by a jury, are nominated for the prestigious title Equestrian Entrepreneur of the Year.
    Last year the equestrian Prinsenstad from Delft with the title home, in 2011 won Manege 't Halter from Oklahoma. In 2010, the title was the last to Limburg.
    LLTB members Paul and Emile Hendric Stal Hendrix Baarlo then came as winnaar off the bus. The Equestrian Entrepreneur of 2013 will be announced during
    the Equestrian Entrepreneur Congress in Deurne on Friday, September 13th. The election is an initiative of Foundation HIP
    (Equestrian Innovative Projects) and aims to promote sound entrepreneurship in the equine industry.

    Luxury stables 
    Our stables are large in size and are fresh aired. We have four different stable blocks each with their own character.
    There are various facilities such as injection sites, a solarium and hot water.

    There is a large variety of fields. Depending on your preference, your horse can graze individually our in a group. Geldings will be separated from the mares held in a group.
    Grazing is possible throughout the year at Bemelmans Stables.

    Bemelmans Stables has a large 20 * 60 indoor arena. Also present is a beautiful new 20 * 60 outdoor arena. This arena is well drained and rested with
    a professional soil wich enables riding throughout every season.
    Furthermore, there is the luxury of a second, smaller indoor arena which is mainly used as lunging- and loose throw hall

    In the summertime our cozy terrace will invite you to sit down and enjoy the sight of horsemen and amazones in our Outdoor Arena.
    In winter, with a lookout at the large Indoor Arena, there’s a good stay in our lounge, provided with warm and cold beverages and a soda vending machine.